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Mt Frogiuszko

An interactive light and sound installation aimed at engaging community awareness around issues of conservation and care for habitat. Visitors explore the story of the critically endangered Corroboree Frog through a hands-on activity and visually interactive experience.


Participants collect a blank canvas cardboard frog from the illuminated incubators, then transform it with a unique design to mirror the individual patterns of each corroboree frog before placing it upon the cardboard Mount Frogiosuko. The installation is bathed in nocturnal UV LED lighting design and the audience is immersed in the sounds of amplified field recordings of the corroboree frog.


Commissioned by Zoos Victoria in consultation with Amphibian Specialist Damian Godall.

Designed by Artist Lara Tumak in collaboration with Architect Tobias Horrocks at FoldTheory.

Lighting by Paul Lim at Additive.


This installation is recyclable/compostable and designed as a transferrable modular, flatpack unit, with capacity for alternative content or narrative development.

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